Cashback 5%

    Cashback 5% at casinos is an attractive loyalty program.
    Let's understand how it works:
    What is cashback?
    Cashback is a refund of 5% of the player's losses in casino and sports betting for a period of 7 days in the form of real money replenishment to the game account.

    How does cashback 5% work:
    Cashback calculation: At the end of each set period (every Saturday, every week), the casino calculates your total cashback for the 7 days.

    5% Refund: From the total amount of your losses for the period, you are refunded 5%. For example, if you lost $1,000 in a week, you will get $50 back.

    Benefits of cashback:
    The money you get back can be used to continue playing, increasing your chances of winning.

    Regular players can get additional benefits by participating in the loyalty program to increase their cashback percentage.

    Terms & Limitations:
    Time Limit: Cashback is only credited for a certain period (7 days).

    How to get cashback:
    Register: Make sure you are registered and logged in to the casino.

    Activate Cashback: The loyalty program (cashback) is automatically activated.

    Play: Keep playing at the casino and get your cashback.

    Get your cashback: At the end of the period, check your balance and see if the cashback has been credited.

    A 5% cashback at the casino is a great way to keep playing. Remember to read the terms and conditions and rules of the program carefully to make the most of this privilege.